Saturday, September 12, 2015

Simple Decor - Blending Old With New

home decor kitty
Photo by Melody Augustin

One of the nicest compliments I ever got was, "I have never seen antiques displayed so tastefully, before."  My husband and I both love antiques, but the danger comes in having too many.  I think the key to displaying antiques is to choose your favorites, then mix them in with new items.

home decor
Photo by Melody Augustin

In this picture I mixed an old bottle with a simple, modern vase.  I love the trend of displaying old windows, but they can look too beat up.  The window I have displayed is from Target.  I found it in the frame section.

home decor pennant
Photo by Melody Augustin

In this picture you see a piece of old crown molding.  I got my husband to add some hooks and hang it above our bed.  I made it look more up to date by hanging pennants from it.

Photo by Melody Augustin

We love using old chests as tables.  It looks like our cat does, too.

I leave you with this challenge.  If  you have all brand new decor, try mixing in an old piece.  If you have lots of antiques, try editing a few pieces out.