Saturday, November 7, 2015

Yoga in Real Life

yoga life mat
image from Pixabay

Continuing with my theme of being realistic with this blog, I wanted to give you some real life yoga tips.

1.  You don't have to sweat your butt off in yoga. I used to do much more flow or power yoga, but these days I argue that slow is better.  In our busy, always connected world, our bodies and minds need time to slow down.

2.  It's Ok to make modifications and use props!  I love my Sunday yoga class.  One lady brings a mini-fan, because she is having hot flashes. Another lady brings her Yoga Jellies because of wrist and knee issues. I prop myself up with blankets to tilt my pelvis forward due to a tailbone injury.  The key is our instructor who makes us feel comfortable and encourages modifications.

yoga meditation
image from Pixabay

3.  Find a qualified instructor who offers modifications.  It is now a pet peeve of mine to go to a class where modifications are not offered - and it happens a lot.  Newsflash - many of us are doing chaturanga wrong.  You have permission to put your knees down to maintain correct form. I now look for teachers who have been teaching a while.  I also have been beginning to look for instructors with  500 hours of training, most have 200 hours.

4.  You don't need to do a full 90 minute class, seven days a week.  If you can - great!  My schedule doesn't allow it these days.  My yoga looks more like one 45 minute home practice and one 90 minute studio class per week.  I will also add a few poses at the end of a walk or run.  

5.  Yoga isn't about the poses anyway.  You can practice yoga all day long by just trying to be mindful.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


A few pics from Fall

...and here are some from the past

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

photo by Melody Augustin

Saturday, October 24, 2015


flower podcast
picture from Pixabay

My day job has me commuting two hours a day.  After a while Pandora gets old, so I've been using my time to listen to podcasts.  Here are some of my favorites - enjoy:

The Lively Show

The Simple Sophisticate

Tranquility du Jour

On Being

flowers podcast
picture from Pixabay

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Books I'm Reading

books reading flowers
picture from Pixabay
book reading mindset

Here is a taste of what I am reading at the moment:

The Bookseller - Cynthia Swanson
I'm not sure how I found out about this book, but I loved it.  I found the story of a woman living in two alternate worlds to be something I could not put down.

The Four Desires - Rod Stryker
It is taking me a while to get through this book - not because it isn't a good read!  The exercises in the book are beneficial, and are worth taking your time to do thoughtfully.  Rod Stryker uses yoga principles to take a different look at purpose.

Mindset - Carol Dweck
Mindset is a buzzword in the education field at the moment, and my colleagues and I are reading this.  It is a quick read with some interesting ideas.

books, reading, flowers
picture from Pixabay

Other books I like:


Simple Pleasure - Reading

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Display Photos

shutterfly photo album

This past summer we moved my mother into a nursing home.  As part of the process we found photo albums in the back of the closet.  A few years earlier when my parents first moved out their home, we went through boxes and boxes of photos.  I started thinking, what is the point of having all of these photos if no one looks at them?

gallery wall photos

When I got home I made a point of starting to display our photos.  I started with a gallery wall.  I got a variety of black frames and filled them with black and white photos including some cool old photos from the 1920's from our families.

gallery wall photos black and white

The next thing I did was start to take our digital photos and made them into Shutterfly books.  I was thrilled with how these turned out.  I will definitely be scanning some photos and making more books.

shutterfly photo books

Don't keep those photos in boxes.  Display them!  I would love to hear what you do with your photos.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Listen To A Whole Album

music cd album simple pleasure
image from Pixabay

The other night my husband and I watched the making of American Idiot - the musical.  For those of you who don't know,  it is a musical based on an album by Green Day.  We got to talking about really good albums.  (I'm showing my age by calling them albums.)  These days we listen to Pandora or songs on iTunes on our iPhones.  We rarely listen to whole albums.

music album simple pleasure
image from Pixabay

It got me curious to see if American Idiot won a Grammy for album of the year when it was released.  It didn't - Ray Charles won.  Looking back at the list of album of the year was fun.  Here are some highlights:

Links take you to YouTube videos of the whole albums!

1972 - Tapestry - Carol King - definitely worth listening to the whole album
1978 - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
1979 - Saturday Night Fever - Bee Gees
1981 - Christopher Cross beat out Pink Floyd's The Wall - not sure how that happened.
1984 - Thriller - Michael Jackson...Synchronicity - The Police was also nominated - one of my favs!
1988 - The Joshua Tree - U2
The 90's are a bit of a wash for me except for  Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette
2003 - Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
2012 - Adele - 21

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Simple Pleasure -Flowers

flower pink

This week my suggestion is that you buy flowers.  I don't do this every week, but I know I feel better on the weeks that I do.  It is one little touch that can make your life feel not so ordinary.

flowers pink

My ordinary person/realistic tip is to buy alstomeria.  They last forever!  I used them as my wedding flower for this reason.


What are your favorite flowers?